jarvis/Tony GROWTH-3

(create new tape,mark it as NO.16)

(tired)well,ehmm...I tried to combine jarvis with my house remote control system and security system...that's not an easy took me some time to change the setting of my gate,bullshit security firm!I swear I will NEVER buy any products of them!gossip less.let's begin.

( open the system)


At your service,sir.

turn on the light.

(all lights is on)

(shocked)(sigh)NO,jarvis.I mean,turn on the light of my lab.

(all lights is off except lights of lab)I am sorry sir.

NO,it's not your fault.I will consider giving you a positioning system.the next the door of lab.

(door is open)

open the TV in living room.

(TV is on)

OK,I don't want to watch TV.

(TV is off)

that's it!(message:Rhodey,press my door bell.)

(door bell ringing)

sir,you have a visitor.

let him in.

ok,I will open the gate.

oh,I don't want to see him suddenly.

as you wish,sir

(mobile ringing)Rhodey:what the hell are you doing tony!I ALMOST SEE THE MAKER!

jarvis,didn't you shoot at him?

I just close the gate,sir.Am I wrong?

NO.what you did is deadly's test is over.oh,let the poor guy in.


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