jarvis/Tony GROWTH-4

(create new tape,mark it as NO.29) 

OK,I updated jarvis's date base.then it can gain the information it needs from took me a long time to teach it how to sift through those result that the Internet shows us.Jesus! what a horrible thing.I really think that it is jarvis that chastened my bad temper.thousands of time I remind myself to remember that it is just a program,it can't understand something  unless I write an  appropriate code for it...whoooa I seem to speak too much.let's begin

(open the system)


At your service,sir

what time is it?

it is one o'clock thirty-eight minutes p.m.,sir.

Do I have some arrangement today?

Hold on please,I will check your have a conference at Stark Tower at 3 o'clock.

Not so important.Obi can deal with it...can you gain information from the Internet?

of course,sir

I want some pictures of sexy blonde.

hold on, you are.

......ohhhhwooooooonderfl.these women have lit me up!

(Fire extinguisher systems start running)

jarvis!I HAVE NOT let you turn on the Fire extinguisher systems!there's NO FIRE!

really?I don't think you can grow,sir.

it's just...!just...a metaphor ! ahhhhhh I should have written it into your code!!!  ok ,today's test is over.

(close the system)


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