jarvis/Tony GROWTH-5

(create new tape,mark it as NO.67) 

well,I have to say,I...came across some problem.I hope jarvis can collect those recordings from cameras,then gain a little useful information by means of rational analysis. I had tried many many times in the past and failed many many times...untill Rhodey told me that I was  too impatient to wait and when jarvis couldn't reach my expectation,I would lose my self-control.

that sounds terrible.I've never be aware of it.after a coffe time,I made a new plan about the program.

first step,I will teach jarvis how to identify objects.that's a static analysis,and,I have buy this patent from...the military,yeah,if there exists a mature standard why do I waste my time and energy?so,today's target is simple.I believe jarvis won't let me down.

(open the system) 


At your service,sir.

I have given you some pictures and they are named with some meaningless code.can you give me a photo of myself?

yes, you are.


Is it this man that you want?

very well.what about a fish?a horse? the earth?A-ha,it seems that there are not so much dead weight in American save me a lot of time!

(close the system)'s test is over.I can't wait to add human behavior analysis prototype system  to jarvis!





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