[霍盾霍无差]Dream of the past往日之梦

He closed his eyes.

He saw an elder was hit on the head, just whispered 'help my wife.'

He saw the man in suits brought his little son a model of Captain America.

He saw the man came back to his early life.Curved ,black ink hair,the color of his eyes,like warm earth.moustache?charming,absolutely.

He saw his old friend,Howard.Stark.

He saw Howard was navigating a plane in the indigo sky,eyes filled with tears,said,'all I 've done in my whole life is to create destruction,project Rebirth was...He was the one thing I 've done...that brought good into this world.'

He saw Howard was holding a test tube, which was full of blood,then was kissed by the holder.

He saw Howard's silence.later the man,who weared a soft beige cashmere sweater and a plum brown trench coat with a fur collar, ordered,'just keep looking'

He saw ,Peggy,Colonel Philips,Howard,and Howling Commandos.people were terrific rejoicings on the day war ended.

'How I wish you could come and see.'sighed by Howard.

He saw Howard's eyes,filled with the storm named despair.

He saw Howard was staring at him with joy when He put up his shield at first time.

He saw Howard smiled airily.'fun doing with cheese and bread my friend......The moment you think you know what’s going on in a woman’s head is the moment your goose is well and truly cooked.'

He saw that handsome genius turned back and responsed,'I 've tested it more than you pal.'

He saw Howard's gladness the time they met each other before boarding.

He saw Howard's hands were trembling,when touching his new,pefect body.

He saw Howard was shocked by his look after Project Rebirth.

He saw Howard Stark showed his stunning masterpiece to the audience.

He saw Howard Stark gave a hard, passionate, burning kiss to a hottie.

He saw a man,who was a fabulous gift from God, came to the stage.

He could feel the halo around the man in black suits, and it would never fade away.

He wakes up.



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