[霍盾霍无差]Dream of the past往日之梦

He closed his eyes.

He saw an elder was hit on the head, just whispered 'help my wife.'

He saw the man in suits brought his little son a model of Captain America.

He saw the man came...

jarvis/Tony GROWTH-5

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well,I have to say,I...came across some problem.I hope jarvis can collect those recordings from cameras,then gain a little useful information by means of rational analysis. I had tried many many times in the past and failed many many times.....

jarvis/Tony GROWTH-4

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OK,I updated jarvis's date base.then it can gain the information it needs from took me a long time to teach it how to sift through those result that the Internet shows us.Jesus! what a horrible thing.I really think that it is jarvis...

jarvis/Tony GROWTH-3

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(tired)well,ehmm...I tried to combine jarvis with my house remote control system and security system...that's not an easy took me some time to change the setting of my gate,bullshit security firm!I swear I will NEVER buy any products of them!gossip less...

jarvis/Tony GROWTH-2

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(helpless)well,on second thoughts,I decide to pay more patience to jarvis.after all ,it's just a block of code not a person.

I checked it's code again and corrected some inappropriate response just forward to its better behavior...

jarvis/Tony GROWTH-1

练手之作,渣四级水平。 看看玩玩无妨。接受指教,可以当短文纠错来食用。


first person narration

AU when Tony was young

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(smiling)ok,today is the first day when jarvis,my AI housekeeper,is put into operation. let me test it

(open the system)


what can I help you with?


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